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Yongnian laser Brand story

3D printing is undoubtedly one of the most popular emerging industry technologies. As a disruptive innovation technology, it is called as the most important manufacturing technology innovation in twentieth Century by the natural science foundation of america. Its appearance has brought about many disruptive changes. Aircraft parts, human organs, and metal molds can be made by printing. 3D printing technology has become the strategic height of competition in various countries, and in recent years, China's 3D industry has also been rapid development. Talking about the development of China's 3D printing technology, we have to mention such an expert. He is the first person in Chinese 3D printing - Yan Yongnian.
Yan Yongnian is engaged in the research and development of 3D printing technology for 27 years, is the former deputy director of Mechanical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, Professor, doctoral tutor, the first president of Tsinghua University Institute of materials manufacturing automation research, the first president of Tsinghua University bio Manufacturing Institute, is one of the earliest in the research and development of 3D printing technology experts, is China honorary member of the Institute of mechanical engineering. China industrial 3D printing board chairman of Jiangsu Province, chairman of Specialized Committee increasing material manufacturing; he has won two national science and technology progress award 3, third-prize 2.
As an early expert in 3D printing technology research, Yan Yongnian witnessed the growth and development of 3D printing technology. "I almost fell in love with 3D printing at first sight," says Yan Yongnian. "It's going back to 27 years ago," he said. "When I got to know his technical core concept, I liked him at all," 3D said."
In 1988, when he was 49 years old, Yan Yongnian went to the University of California at Los Angeles as a visiting scholar. He already had a strong background in forging and forging. He was originally studying engineering ceramics. However, an exhibition about a rapid prototyping technology known as RP completely changed the direction of his research for the next ten years. After returning to China in 1988, relying on the Tsinghua University project, Yan Yongnian established the first rapid prototyping laboratory in Tsinghua University and established the laser rapid forming center of Tsinghua University. As a starting point, Yan Yongnian created a number of 3D industry first.
Yan Yongnian through the Hongkong Yin FA company introduced the United States 3D Systems, a SLA-250 called rapid prototyping equipment, this is the first real 3D printer. Then Yan Yongnian established the first Chinese quickly forming company - Beijing Yin Hua rapid prototyping and Mould Technology Co. Ltd, which is 3D printing company now leading domestic and internationally renowned Blantyre era "predecessor," one of the favourite pupil Blantyre era "of the CEO is Yongnian Guo Ge yan.
However, the growth of 3D printing technology has experienced ups and downs, experienced ten years of prosperity, and then transferred to silence. With the 3D printing technology tide up and down, Yan Yongnian also adjusted his life trajectory. Since 2000, Yan Yongnian had to abandon 3D printing and turn to other fields of research, "because 3D printing at that time can not earn money, but also can not get big issues."." Yan Yongnian had to use forging money to support 3D printing research.
Although for various reasons, 3D printing technology and Yan Yongnian had a brief love respectively, but he decided on 3D printing technology. In 2012, when the 3D print quickly from the United States to the global trend of scraping, Yan Yongnian acutely aware of this important opportunity, by the end of this year, Yongnian Yan Jiangsu has set up a Yongnian laser forming Co. Ltd, restart 3D printing industry work.
When Yan Yongnian is 74 years old, seventy years of age, in the eyes of many people, should be the retirement age, especially for Yan Yongnian such a well-known experts, more time should enjoy success and glory, but he chose to become the new start on the road. As a forerunner of the 3D printing industry, Yan Yongnian and 3D printing technology to talk about a time independent and fell in love, is this outstanding love, promote the development of China 3D printing technology. His greatest wish is to make China's metal 3D printing equipment to the world's leading level. The older generation of scientists "science and technology to serve the country" feelings, such as young people to be enthusiastic and press on salutary influence of education, enlightenment, and so on.
After the rapid development in recent years, the Yongnian company has scientific research and office space of 3600 square meters, with the domestic first-class level of R & D capability, and Tsinghua University, East China Jiaotong University and other famous universities established enterprise academician workstation and collaborative innovation laboratory, has won the 2014 third China innovation contest advanced manufacturing industry group, second, 2015 in Jiangsu province "fine special new product award in 2015, the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province and Jiangsu Province in 2016 the first sets of major equipment products such as the honorary title. The Yongnian company independent research and development of selective laser melting forming equipment YLM series of products have been mass production capacity, the formation of design theory have great originality of circular cylinder, with good sealing, long service life and other advantages, with the integrated design of precision correlation system "and" pure rolling friction powder spreading mechanism "is like nature itself, Art beats nature. our YLM series products, which has become a bright pearl in the 3D printing industry. Yongnian company of laser cladding forming process are also studied, through the organic integration of CIMS technology, high power laser technology, industrial robots and other high-tech, metal components in metallurgical, petrochemical, automobile repair, aerospace, mold and other fields have extensive application. Through the system integration, the data, materials, management information and other interoperability have been realized, greatly improving the utilization of equipment, and providing the guarantee for customers to improve production efficiency. In the not too distant future, 3D cloud manufacturing and cloud services will move from virtual to reality.
"Giant ingenuity masterpiece", this is the highest rating given by academician xu. Jiangsu Yongnian company always uphold the principle of "science and technology made, continuous innovation" concept, in the metal 3D printing industry plough, is committed to become the most influential China 3D printing equipment providers, system integrators and application service providers. The company has now successfully passed the ISO 9000 quality system certification, and to People's Insurance Company of China insurance "first (sets) major technical equipment comprehensive insurance.". Half of the prices of foreign brands is the price, with the performance of foreign brands are even more than, this is the Yongnian people and the pursuit of the vision, to let more China enterprises can afford, use, ease of use, let 3D print the "Golden Phoenix", "people often fly into search".
Great changes are needed in the big age, and great changes give birth to great opportunities. 3D printing technology is reshaping the global manufacturing industry competition pattern, in order to achieve from the "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power" China dream, Yongnian company staff in continuous efforts, rigorous and realistic, down-to-earth, diligent and innovative spirit, strict in demands to work around the world, China roots, lead metal 3D printing industry to made and in the future".





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