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Look forward to working with you to work together to create a better future of 3D printing!

Our company will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with potential customers

Co construction of metal 3D printing Collaborative Innovation Laboratory

Joint declaration of relevant scientific and technological projects by the state, provincial and Ministry of education

Joint training of talents and construction of practice bases for College Students

Franchise condition

With certain liquidity, it must be an enterprise or individual within the territory of China that can bear civil liability independently

Have a good credit record and have a good social relationship in the area

Familiar with 3D printing market and related products, can quickly docking and publicity of products

Familiar with local market, have the ability of market development, can carry out marketing activities independently or cooperate with the company

With professional dedication and good service consciousness, we can provide service and support to customers and their distributors in the case of our company's authorization

Support and commitment

We have the same preferential price system for the same level agents

The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, the laser is guaranteed for three years, and the first year is provided with free maintenance

one months arrival, installation and debugging completed

Allot a certain amount of publicity materials to the agents

Quick response to customer's requirement within 8 hours, 24 hours engineers arrive at the site, 72 hours basic problem solving

Provide 3D print samples on behalf of business

Provide necessary product training, sample quantity and pre-sales technical support to agents

The company will hold the exchange meeting of agents from time to time in order to promote the exchange of agents



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