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Five axis robot LCD equipment

Device description:
Laser cladding deposition forming can be formed by cladding on any surface

Equipment application:
It is suitable for strengthening and repairing the surface of oil and gas pump
Repair and remanufacturing of metal components in metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile, aviation, mould and other fields

YLC-I technical parameters
Equipment model YLC-I
Cladding diameter Phi 2000mm (ball, shaft, disk)
Laser power 1000w-4000w
Forming accuracy + 0.3-0.5mm
Spindle height 1050m
Cladding thickness 1-5mm
The cladding length is 2-8 meters
Scanning speed 3-10mm/s
Materials: stainless steel, die steel, high temperature alloy, nickel chromium alloy, etc.

Equipment features:
Laser cladding has high interface strength and excellent metallurgical bonding
The heat affected zone is small, and no heat treatment is needed after cladding
Good surface quality and high accuracy
Advanced numerical control system
Powerful LCD software, derived from Tsinghua research and development team for 27 years, 3D printing technology research results

Product picture:

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