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Five axis NC machine tool LCD equipment

Table 1 technical parameter list of laser cladding printer YLC-500

I. forming dimensions and running speed
X (front and rear) =500mm speed =100mm/s
Y (left and right) =500mm speed =100mm/s
Z (up) = 500mm, speed =20mm/s

Two.XYZ axis positioning accuracy
X (front and rear) =0.05mm
Y (left and right) =0.05mm
Z (up, down) =0.05mm

Three. Types of molding materials
Titanium alloy, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, die steel, high temperature alloy, cobalt chromium alloy and so on

Four. Accessories
1. laser cladding head: Precitec
Model: YC52 (coaxial feeding laser cladding head)
Feeding way: 4
Maximum laser power: 4Kw
2. laser (including fiber): TRUMPF
Model: TRUDIODE 4006 (semiconductor laser)
Power: 2-4Kw
Working mode: continuous / modulation
Range of power regulation: 2 ~ 100%
Power fluctuation: + 1% (continuous operation)
Optical fiber output head type: QBH
Wavelength: 920-1040nm
Cooling mode: water cooling
3. electric control box: self-made electric control box
4. nitrogen making machine: Parker Model: DT604 Quantity: 2 units (parallel) Nitrogen concentration at outlet: 99.5% (adjustable to 99.9% under standard condition) Outlet nitrogen flow rate: 1.39 m3/h (per unit) Inlet compressed air pressure: 7barg-13 barg Maximum and minimum operating temperature: 2 to 50
5. powder feeding machine (2 drum feed powder): Bank of China industrial manufacturing plant, DPSF-D2 
6. laser water cooler: Model: BY-LW290-THP/01 Total power: 14Kw Nominal refrigerating capacity: 29000W 7. cladding head chiller: Model: LH-1200D Power: 1Kw 8. filtration system

Five. Appearance size
Up and down: 1841mm
Left and right: 980mm
Front and rear: 875mm

Six. Gross weight: 2T





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