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Metal 3D printer YLM-120

Metal 3D printing equipment YLM-120

Device description:
The working cylinder adopts a round design, and the forming chamber achieves the sealing effect at the hydraulic cylinder level. Z resolution of up to 5um; The forming chamber, the main body and the working cylinder are integrally formed. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy and other metal materials can be directly formed.

Equipment application:
Fabrication of medical implants, fabrication of human oral brackets and metal dentures; Joint fabrication, fabrication of small honeycomb structures.

YLM-120 technical parameters
Equipment model YLM -120
The forming space is 120 mm in horizontal direction and 50mm in height direction
Minimum spot size 40-70um
The laser power 200W, single-mode fiber laser, the long-term power fluctuation of less than 4%
The beam quality is M2< 1.1
Laser wavelength 1060-1070nm
Scanning galvanometer, high speed scanning galvanometer, F-theta lens, enclosed optical system, highest scanning speed 7m/s
Pure rolling friction powder laying system (patent design)
The atmosphere in the shaping chamber controls oxygen content below 100ppm
Inert gas consumption less than 4L/min
Minimum forming wall thickness 100um
Minimum delamination thickness 20um
Forming accuracy + 0.05mm/100mm
Surface roughness of forming parts Ra3.2
Density of formed parts >98%
It can be used as forming material, iron nickel alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, titanium alloy, aluminium alloy, oxygen free copper, nickel base high temperature alloy and so on
Maximum power consumption of equipment, 5kW, 220V power supply standard
Equipment dimensions 1300mm, x, 760mm, x, 1820mm (Shen Kuangao), weight 600kg
Software for forming control software Zflash (Yongnian laser independent development)

Equipment features:
The high precision circular working cylinder and multi stage precision guiding sealing system can effectively reduce the loss and pollution of metal powder and have long service life Pure rolling friction powder drive system with high accuracy and long service life; The laser power is adjusted in real time with the path so as to reduce the stress and reduce the deformation of the forming parts; A quantitative feeding system is used to adjust the feed rate in real time and improve the utilization ratio of the material; The compound scraper design can not only protect the forming parts, but also improve the quality of scraping; The shape control software is separated from the model data processing software and supports a variety of data formats, and the user selects a large degree of freedom;

Product works:
3D print denture





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